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31/10/2013 18:00
Acabo de leer esto y no sabía donde ponerlo, por esa razón he abierto un post, se lo merece


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Remembering Mary T.

October 31, 2013 by Sarah (Seels)

Hello everyone,
I’m taking a day off from Rock the Vote to pay tribute to a special friend, Mary T, whom you may know of as Brainysmrfs here, and other places on the internet. I am sad to report that she passed away yesterday, after a battle with cancer and many other medical issues. I don’t want to go into her entire medical history, but I do want to say that she’s an amazing person, she has survived much, and I’m proud to have known her!
Mary was one of my first Bones friends ever. We met at the original Fox fan website, now affectionately called The OBY or “Old Boneyard”. That site is buried deep, and there aren’t records of old conversations (that I know of), but after searching through an old email address, I found emails dating back to the late spring of 2008. I joined the OBY in March of 08, so my math tells me that I only had about two fandom months of not knowing her. That is a fact that is both comforting and hard to process when I think of the future.
Mary, and then two other women, Steph and Lauren, and I became close friends very quickly. We had Bones to connect us at first, but soon realized we had a lot more in common. I am reminded of the (I think) Jerry Seinfeld joke about how kids become best friends so easily. “YOU like Kool-aid?! I like Kool-aid! You ALSO love summer vacation? I TOTALLY love summer vacation! LET’S BE BEST FRIENDS!” We loved Target, Arrested Development, the muses on Angel (oooooh, Angel!), all agreed that Weezer’s Blue Album was by far and would always be their best, writing stories, etc. I’ve talked before about how I was miserable teaching, etc., and again, without telling too much of anyone else’s story…it was a great match for all four of us. We needed each other, and we found each other. There are many, many other wonderful people from that time as well.
The four of us then became “The Collective”, a club we formed and named ourselves, haha. I like to think we were a kind, generous clique, but it’s possible we weren’t. I don’t remember. We would stay up chatting way too late, thinking about stories or trying to figure out future episodes. I spent the summer of 2008 in California. Lauren is in Utah, Steph in Atlanta, and since Mary could never sleep (she had narcolepsy, which kept her awake for long periods of time as well), we had great times. Someone (not me) tagged our talks as Vampire Standard Time, or VST. It was an amazing summer of fics and pics and fun. Afterward, we stayed in touch, though it was tougher as each of us sort of had life intruding on us. Over the past five years, we’ve laughed, cried and cheered one another on through relationships, new jobs, marriage, divorce, new marriage, new babies, stories, and a thousand little moments in between. I’m grateful the four of us did one last chat a few weeks back. Whenever one of us would lose touch, another would send an email or text basically saying “So, are you dead or something, or what?” Which may not seem funny now, but the truth is that Mary had the darkest sense of humor of all of us. She made me laugh all of the time; she was both sweet and hilariously morbid and above all, fiercely loyal.
Eventually, I started the 100 Days of Bones, and then BT here, and while you all may not have seen her fingerprints on these sites as much as others (for example, Bonesology, of which she is a founder), I feel them. She was often my number one go-to person when I had a new idea, whether it was for a post or blog idea or just to talk about an episode. I feel her thoughts and her sarcastic sense of humor in so many of my Bones memories. It’s all very intertwined, and in this moment, bittersweet.
31/10/2013 18:01
She and I did not always agree; that’s for sure. I am no angst-bunny, a label she wore with pride (over her black heart, she’d say), haha, and sometimes we’d fiercely disagree about a Bones episode. At one point, she said “Maybe we shouldn’t talk about Bones for a while”…and she was right. I so appreciate her saying that, because it made me realize that she valued me more than the show (and I her). That idea of valuing people more than opinions is absolutely a tenet of this site. Thank you, Mary, for that legacy.
Honestly, over the past few years, we rarely talked Bones, but we had things that were between us, or at least they felt like they were (haha, don’t tell me if not!), like when we declared in Season Four that Booth was made of “savage goodness”, our love of tall boot pins on Pinterest, and Warren Zevon’s Keep Me In Your Heart For a While, which she played at her dad’s funeral. I know many of you also have special things with her. She had that way about her…of making you feel like you were her favorite. She is also the first Bones person I was friends with on Facebook. I was the person who would never have revealed my real name to anyone online, but she just brushed that nonsense away, haha. Then she had my phone number, and she was the first Bones friend I ever sent texts with. And then she called me on the phone, and she was the first Bones person I ever talked to on the phone. She just had a way of punching through the BS and yanking out the true truth of things. It was intimidating at first, but now I’m grateful she did that.
She loved Sweets, and (at the very least the idea of) Hannah (which we did not agree on—- but it caused her to write one piece here for BT, called “It’s All Good”, and you can read that here. ). Like I said, she loved angst. Oh, the angst!, especially angsty Booth. She loved Ernest Hemingway, Bruce Springsteen, her dogs (especially Frank, named after her dad–a dog that basically found HER and wouldn’t let go…an amazing story), Nick Offerman as Ron Swanson (and Rob Lowe as Chris Traeger, but then again, we all do. We all do, Rob!), smoking cigarettes, Shamrock shakes, Zooey Deschanel— waaaaaaaay before she was popular and on tv, Eddie Vedder, Neil Finn (so imagine her love when Eddie and Neil put out a live album together!), Portland, Wonder Woman,…she so, so, so loved Jon Hamm, and a ton of other things, including me, and so many of you, and especially her beloved husband and daughter. I could list 100 more things it feels like, and the more I think about it, the more the memories keep flooding in.
I know I’ll cry the first time I see Sweets again on a new episode, every year on her daughter’s birthday (March 19th, which happens to also be my sister’s birthday), and every time I hear Thunder Road for the rest of my life. But I won’t remove it from my iPod, because I want to remember. Yes, I am sad. I’m sad and crushed a just a little bit lonelier, but underneath all of that, swelling up higher than ever before is a tremendous amount of gratitude for having had the experience of knowing her.
Thank you, Mary. It’s been a privilege!

31/10/2013 18:30
Extraordinario, maravilloso Marimé, y esa canción. snif
31/10/2013 21:38
Sin me han salido las lágrimas.
01/11/2013 17:50
Que lindas palabras para una amiga. Es increíble pensar que por una serie empiece una amistad tan fuerte, y como dice ella, que las personas terminen siendo mas importantes que sus opiniones.
04/11/2013 01:25
Disculpa Marimé, sé que abriste éste post especialmente para lo de arriba pero creo que esto también queda aquí, todos lo están comentando en twitter, Hart, David, Dean, y aún así la van a cambiar?.

04/11/2013 01:59
Tremendo conmueve tanta demostración de nota que este video lo hicieron con mucho cariño...
15/11/2013 12:43
15/11/2013 13:22

It’s Friday…

Que importa? una nueva etapa, otra mas...y aquí seguiremos!!!!!

Happy #Bones Day, everyone!

15/11/2013 16:13
Sííí Marimé, un aplauso para todos que no la dejaremos. bravo
18/11/2013 18:01

18/11/2013 18:06
bones bones
18/11/2013 18:15
Creo que alguien, creo que fue Rima, comentó que no entendía cómo Hawai 5.0 seguía con sus millones de espectadores....

Ayer, en la noche, ví SUPERMAN, la última película.
Y me quedé pasmada viéndola. Después de un buen rato de cinta...recordé las películas chinas, coreanas...y demás..
No las veo, por qué? porque se pasan el día, pelea tras pelea, suben a las nubes, bajan en picado, se volatilizan y renacen de sus cenizas.... vuelan como los pájaros, nadan como los peces...espectaculares por el ruido, por la iluminación, que casi te dejan ciega. Cada choque de espadas equivale a un tsunami... a la explosión del big ban...
Y me pregunté, que narices estoy viendo desde hace dos horas??
El tipo es guapísimo, la película no hay por donde pillarla!
Es ruido, ruido y mas el descalabre total y absoluto de un planeta!!!, como decía mi abuela "no queda títere con cabeza!!" NADA MAS!!
Bien, pues esta película está en Face como lo mejor del año!!! increíble!!! impresionante!! estupenda!! magnífica!!!! Ya tiene club de Fans!.
Es esta la respuesta Rima????

Por favor, perdonadme los fans de Hawai 5.0

El público USA quiere sangre....mucha sangre....
Es triste, pero es así de cierto.
Si a cualquiera de los dos prota les pasa algo, la audiencia subiría rapidamente...pero ese algo tendría que ser grave, muy grave, gravísimo..
18/11/2013 18:20
Aquí dejo el estreno, por favor VOTAD como ASQUEROSAMENTE RUINOSA!!!
Yo, ya lo he hecho.
Solo deseo que se estrellen y con ganas!
18/11/2013 18:30
Voy Marimé.
19/11/2013 05:59
Sinceramente, el que Almos Human haya sacado 10 millones no me dice nada, todos los programas que estrena Fox comienzan así y al tercer o cuarto capítulo decaen!!!...miren el caso de Alcatraz (que era buena realmente) y tantas otras!!!...además, durante sus dos horas de transmisión del Domingo empezó con 10 millones y fue cayendo hasta llegar a ocho millones, y eso sucedió en un intervalo de dos horas...eso dice mucho, tal vez a esos dos millones que se fugaron no les gustó la serie de entrada...bueno, el verdadero resultado se verá más es que yo sea de las que anda deseando mal a los demás, yo no soy así, pero esta vez me ha dado la gana de serlo!!!

Y tal como dijiste Marimé...el público cabeza hueca de Estados Unidos y zonas aledañas lo que quieren es ver sangre y sexo!!!...más nada!!! puede ser que haya gente que diga que Bones ha perdido el interés del público porque no los ponen desnudos en una cama y que por eso no les extraña que la hayan puesto los Viernes...porque eso es lo que leí por ahí...qué manera tan mediocre tienen de medir la calidad de un programa!!!...pues sí, estás en lo cierto Marimé...tienen que poner escenas violentas y de sexo o hacer que a los prota les pase algo drástico para que la gente no se despegue de la TV!!!

Y digo lo mismo que ustedes!!!...QUE SE JODAN TODOS LOS DE LA FOX!!!
21/11/2013 11:11
En el segundo capítulo, la caída ya ha sido espectacular.......(lo siento por ellos) pero a mí no me da pena..pero es que NINGUNA!!!


Esta "familia" no los va a abandonar NI DE COÑA!!
21/11/2013 16:57
Sííí Marimé, aquí seguiremos como siempre, les va a reventar a los de la Fox en su cara.
21/11/2013 19:47


Esta es la audiencia real de las series, no solo la americana.
21/11/2013 21:38
Excelente!!!...gracias Marimé!!!...noticias como ésta me animan!!!

Una pregunta, ¿esa es la audiencia a nivel mundial o qué?
22/11/2013 05:18
Uooo, estupendo, muchas gracias Marimé.

Lo ven?, nadie abandona la serie.