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Pepa and Silvia Invasion (Pepsi)

Pepa and Silvia Invasion (Pepsi)

22/06/2009 18:05
Alright, from America, we here only care about Pepa and Silvia.
Why is it that in previous seasons they have great screen time, and now all we see is Los hombres de Aitor.

I am requesting more Pepa and Silvia screen time, alone time, cute time and most of all Pepsi without interruptions. Plus a Marian Aguilara monologue.

The writer have done a great job building these two characters, so why not have more of it.
23/06/2009 03:02
I am another English speaking fan. In the US we have nothing like this on tv, we are starved to see more people like ourselves. My Spanish is not good but I still watch Pepa y Silvia and have hooked my friends on their storyline too. Also on they talk about the show both on the forum and the website itself. Please, if you could spend more time on PepSi your worldwide audience would greatly appreciate it. I will buy LHDP DVDs now!!!!! Thank you so much for introducing a lesbian storyline. I will continue to watch as long as there is a lesbian storyline :)
23/06/2009 04:59
More time to Pepa/Silvia is key! They should also be given more of a plot instead of merely giving them screen time just to portray their relationship. I am going to put down links to the forums where much discussion has happened on PepSi:

AfterEllen thread on Pepa/Silvia:

The International Pepa and Silvia Community:

Lets hope that this becomes the third forum for intense debates on Pepa/Silvia.
23/06/2009 05:32
OK i'm in.......Silvia Y pepa need to seriously be apart of a important case where Silvia's foresic genious & Pepa's detective skills play the major role. like Pepa has to follow or infiltrate a gang or mob or something & all the evidence she gives to Silvia to analyze & give her direction based on the findings which way to proceed. I don't know something crazy it's LHDP I know they can cook up something fitting for these two characters.
23/06/2009 10:24
Me encanta la serie!!!!!


Copy and paste ^ the above ^ into your message for the writers to understand in Spanish!


Vivo en Espana la mayor parte del ano para trabajo, pero mi Espanol es no muy bueno, lo siento. Soy un cliente que paga de Antena 3, mi esperanza es que usted escuche lo que desea el consumidor.


Mis parejas favoritas Pepa y Silvia, Aitor y Sara!
no me gusta Lucas, pues no importa porque él ha dejado!!!! me gusta todos los otros actores.

me gusta la pareja de Aitor y Sara pero vemos todo ese tiempo! necesitamos más escenas de PEPSI!
23/06/2009 11:09
Although my Spanish is poor I watch LHDP at Antena3 online. I love most of the characters but Pepa and Silvia are my favorites. Marian Aguilera is a great actress with the most fascinating expressions ever. I hope the writers will use more of her acting skills in the next season by giving her and Pepa a better storyline. Let her solve crimes, get her angry, make her laugh, let her make out with Pepa in a prison cell. The writers have displayed their great sense of humor over the years so it shouldn't be that difficult for them to give what they (and us PepsiHolics) deserve. REFILL, MORE PEPSI, PLEASE!
23/06/2009 16:12
Yes! More PepSi screen time! The LHDP writers have developed their characters and their relationship so well...don't let it fall to the sidelines! I totally agree with previous posters....let's see more scenes of Pepa and Silvia doing what they do best in their specialized fields. And if you throw in a "morning after" scene, a few more kisses and playful banter between the two I would be happy as pie. So please, please, please resolve the whole Lucas/Sara/Aitor situation and give PepSi more scenes and story lines!
24/06/2009 06:31

No solo las fans de Estados Unidos están enganchadas a la serie debido a estos dos queridísimos personajes (Silvia y Pepa) interpretados por esas magistrales actrices (Marián y Laura), habemos personas de todo el mundo interesadas en la serie porque nos enganchamos a la serie viendolas a ellas, solo por mencionar, habemos fans en todos estos paises:

México (Mi país)
Estados Unidos
Puerto Rico
Nueva Zelanda

Y eso solo por mencionar algunos paises donde la "Pepsimania" se vive a tope...

Asi que, dennos más escenas de ellas, queremos verlas con un poco más de protagonismo en la serie, que trabajen más en casos, que se vea lo tan enamoradas que están, porque después de que Pepa aceptara casarse con Silvia solo se dan un abrazo!!??? eso ameritaba de perdido un beso...

Asi que...

Más protagonismo para Silvia y Pepa !!!!!!

Please, more Silvia and Pepa... WE LOVE PEPA AND SILVIA...
24/06/2009 06:43
You are correct @Ebdaly.
I have been translating the Pepa Silvia scene into Chinese for the fans in Hong Kong and China and Taiwan. Oh and Canada.
Hehe didn't realize Pepa and Silvia are invading the globe.
24/06/2009 07:38
¡Wow! Son un fenómeno internacional. Las pepsi sí que han roto barreras y han dejado huella.

Ebdaly ¡Paisana! jeje yo también soy mexicana. Qué gusto saber que hay fans de Pepa y Silvia por todo el mundo!!! sobretodo de mi país.Que aquí no tengo con quien hablar de los Pacos porque nadie los conoce y a veces eso resulta un suplicio.

Un abrazo paisana. Y también a todas l@s fans internacionales de Pepa y Silvia:)
24/06/2009 15:55
all I got to say is if there are SO many of us that LOVE pepa/silvia on LHDP why is their screen time so little?
24/06/2009 17:36
@Ebdaly you may add Holanda to the list of countries of PepsiHolics. Gracias.
24/06/2009 17:50
If you really like the couple (although I suppose you already know it) there is a website dedicated exclusively for them (

I used to enjoy a lot the Silvia and Pepa's moments, but I do understand that a tv soap can't justo go on showing them (it seems that it can in Aitor or Lucas' case :s). Keep on supporting and watching Los Hombres de Paco from all over the world, we'll have an amazing season ending...

Unforgettable, believe me...
25/06/2009 04:01
like the old jimmy cliff's song,just can say one thing-"the harder they come the harder they'll fall".Remember this,you will never forget
25/06/2009 22:32
I'm definitely buying LHDP DVDS for me and friends who love the show.

A storyline I really want to see is them adopting a kid, if they have any. Lesbians are always having bio babies I want to see a couple go through the adoption process successfully. I don't know if gay adoption has ever been portrayed on Spanish TV before so maybe they could break some records or something. In any event, Pepa didn't seem too thrilled at the prospect of carrying little Iker/Mar so that would be a happy medium Silvia gets a baby and Pepa doesn't have to incubate.
26/06/2009 04:15
hola soy de argentina y me encanta la serie!!!! amo a pepa y silvia me gustaria ver mas de esta pareja tan linda!!!!!! espero que no termine nunca esta serie muy buena!!!!
27/06/2009 07:30
PepSi all the way! I'm trying to convert as many people into PepSiholics so we can keep them on the screen for as long as you can give us
27/06/2009 23:34
I am from Canada and i love pepa and silvia.Please Writer write a good story line for them for future, i like the story so far. One more thing sarah is a slut for cheating on her husband .nowhere
in the world is right to cheat on your spouse dosent matter how handsome the other man is, its just wrong.MOST IMPORTANT i want more love scene between pepa and silvia.
28/06/2009 15:08
Oh my goodness. Yes, please.
28/06/2009 18:24
I repeat:The harder they come the harder they'll fall.En otras palabras,"mas dura sera la caida".
28/06/2009 19:19
success is in the risk.