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Crítica La casa de al lado

“La Casa De Al Lado”

5 Aida1939 Por: Aida1939 El: 21/12/2012 10:28

This soap-opera is gloomy, but it is watched due to two actors:Poras G. /Gonsalo/Rodriges M. /Pilar/It’s a pity that these two main protagonists didn't stay together. That is what made me write the end the soap-opera. "Overcome oneself".The conclusion of the soap-opera “La Casa De Al Lado”. Fire in the prison made a chance for Gonzalo to escape. He is said to be dead. On the way he meets a sick man. The man gave an affirmative answer to Gonzalo’s offer to help him. They reached his dwelling. Carlos, the name of man was so, asked Gonzalo to stay with him. Being recovered, he started to tell the story of his life. The story of life.Carlos has arrived from the city H. In his city he was a famous jeweler. He had wife and a daughter. His daughter was born sick and died early. After their daughter’s death his house woman died. Carlos remained alone. He was rich and alone. After his wife’s death a woman, who had arrived from Miami, came to serve him. 25 years passed. During this time Carlos and the stranger woman became friends. Carlos fell in love with her. But the secret didn't let her live quietly. She reproached herself in something. Soon she disappeared. At that time his job went badly. Taking all the expensive things that he had, he left for Miami to find the woman. He couldn't find the woman, and suddenly appeared problems with his health. Carlos felt the imminence of his death and asked Gonzalo to find that woman.“What was the woman’s name? asked him Gonzalo.“Mabel - answered Carlos.“Did she talk about children?-asked Gonzalo.“Yes, -answered Carlos.-She had three children, the eldest and twin boys, one of which had been invalid since childhood. Gonzalo understood that in front of him was a man who loved his own mother. He decided to open up and told his name saying that he was Mabel’s eldest son, Carlos lost consciousness. Recovering, he asked what Gonzalo knew about Mabel.“Mabel died of a sudden gun, - answered Gonzalo.All night Gonzalo set at the bed of the dying man. Before his death Carlos gave the brilliants and everything that he had to Gonzalo.Using the expensive things cleverly, he becomes a rich man. He takes the name Carlos and changes his face. He is a successful businessman. Gonzalo is engaged in doing charity. Orphanages, important projects are in the center of his attention. He founded a hospital and gave it the name of his brother “Ivan”.Gonzalo doesn’t think of love any more, though there are lots of women surrounding him. He proves with his acts that he doesn’t belong to the category of incorrigible people. He goes to church and prays. He discards all the negative inside him and increases all the positive that he had inside. Meeting with Pillar.Gonzalo sponsors a forum which enters Spain. Outstanding psychologists are invited to the forum. Looking through the list of delegates, Gonzalo noticed a familiar surname-Pillar Arusmanendy. In spite of his being busy he goes to the press-conference. Catching the moment he came up to Pillar and introduced himself, Carlos Yores. Gonzalo felt how bitterly his heart was beating. Pillar as well felt something dear to her, but in front of her was standing absolutely a stranger. She had been changed, got a bit older, but as beautiful as before, with her blue eyes so much dear to him. Carlos /Gonzalo/ invited her to lunch, and she agreed. The meeting took place in the restaurant. During the lunch she told about herself. He knew that she had her daughter married. The son lives with her. She has a sister who doesn’t work, but help’s her at home. It’s already three years her mother is dead. And the most important-she is not married. Carlos /Gonzalo/ listened more than spoke. He was afraid to open up.The felling of love that had been slumbering, suddenly broke out and grabbed him. Gonzalo leaves for Miami. He visits the graves of his relatives. Here he sees the grave of Carola, too. He knows from Pillar of what Carola died and what role she had in his brother Ishmael’s death.Pillar invited him to her place. But he didn't go saying that he was busy. He couldn't look into the eyes of the boy and Rebecca.The meeting took place in a hotel. The feeling that she knew Carlos didn't leave her since the very first day of their meeting. After embracing she suddenly called him Gonzalo. He can’t hide the truth any more and opens up to Pillar. He tells her about him. He gives her the right to choose. He leaves for Spain by the first flight.Some time passed and once the secretary entered his working-room and announced that a woman was asking for him. Gonzalo let her come in. Pillar comes in.She thought him to be dead twice. The first time was when she put flowers on his blood. The second time was when she heard about the fire in the prison.She doesn't want to lose him any more, so she decided to leave for Spain and go to him. And now she is here. There are tears of happiness and thankfulness in Gonzalo’s eyes.He embraces Pillar.

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